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News – Austin

* This news feed is generated through NewsTalk Texas, provided by the Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University

​​​​​​Image of Facebook's Alliance Data center​FORT WORTH – Facebook Inc. plans to add two additional data halls—termed building 5 and building 6—to its data center campus in AllianceTexas.

The development team behind the $1 billion campus, located on 4500 Like Way, filed two building permits for the two data hall buildings, which will bring a total of $365 million of valued real estate to the campus.

Combined square footage for both halls is over 1 million sf.​

The cost of only the buildings' construction is estimated to cost $531 million, according to TDLR.

The massive data center campus is the largest being built by the California-based media empire, and is part of a larger big data movement underway in North Texas.​

​​​​​​WACO – “We’re seeing the greatest shortage of commercial pilots since the 1950s,” said Texas State Technical College (TSTC) Transportation Division Director Carson Pearce.

TSTC offers aerospace, instrumentation, electrical power and controls, precision machining and welding programs. 

“There are 617,000 jobs available, and that doesn’t include aviation maintenance technicians. We can get a student in and season them in two years, but as fast as we can do that isn’t fast enough to fill the positions.”TSTC aviation programs

​TSTC precision machining instructor George Love shared the same sentiments.

My biggest burden right now is that I’m letting 60 to 70 jobs go unfilled every semester,” Love said. 

"It’s a weight on my shoulders. If I can provide an extra 60 to 70 students, I could meet the needs I know about in the state of Texas right now.”

State Rep. and House Appropriations Committee Chairman John Zerwas, R-Richmond​, said TSTC’s high-quality graduates can help beat the stigma around technical education and lessen the skills gap.

​​​​​​HOUSTON – Recently Houston business leaders chatted about the changing landscape of their industries in 2017 and beyond.

A common theme in the panel's discussion was evolution—particularly about grocery stores as they adapt to consumer demands for curbside delivery and convenience, and the evolution of real estate in Houston's growing urban core.

One panelist was Scott McClelland, president of San Antonio-based H-E-B.

In leading H-E-B's years-long expansion throughout Houston, McClelland said he's learned to take seriously consumer's demands for convenience. 

McClelland was a doubter, for example, when H-E-B started selling loaves of bread with the crust already cut off. H-E-B charged $0.75 extra for that bread, McClelland said.

"I thought we went too far," McClelland said. "Last year, we sold a million loaves of this product."

Valuing convenience, he said, means H-E-B keeps its shelves stocked with crustless bread. 

Convenience is also the driving force behind the nation's changing grocery store landscape. The rise of curbside pick-up and grocery delivery apps has tossed a wrench into grocery stores' otherwise steady revenue model. 

"I refer to it as retail Darwinism—if you're not effective and efficient at what you do, then going forward, you will not survive," McClelland said.

"Never underestimate demand for convenience."

​​​​​Rendering of Rice music hall​HOUSTON – Rice University officials have broken ground on a new music building.

The new 84,000-sf facility will join Brown Hall and an adjoining plaza to form the Rice University Music and Performing Arts Center. 

The new building will house a three-tiered, 600-seat, European-style theater with an orchestra pit for 70 musicians, which will be the only theater with that particular configuration among U.S. universities and conservatories.

As of December 2016, the school had raised $90 million of the project's approximately $100 million cost. 

Rice expects the school to open in late 2020.

​​​​​​Rendering of East Austin sports and entertainment complex​​AUSTIN – Local group Austin Sports & Entertainment is on track to develop a 1.3 million-sf sports and entertainment complex at the current location of the Travis County Exposition Center and Austin Rodeo.

A 40,000-sf, open-air stadium and an adjacent 15,000-seat arena will anchor the project. 

The former will host major events, including soccer, rugby, and music festivals; the smaller arena will be home to Rodeo Austin and will host indoor sports and additional music events. 

Around the perimeter of the area—dubbed the East Austin District—will be multiuse buildings for restaurants, retail, and 28,000 sf of youth facilities.​

The stadium and arena will share 190,000 sf of support facilities.

The facility will also feature eight courtyards separating the enclosed pavilions.